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Brain Capital’s raison d’être is to help individuals and organisations increase their brain asset. We focus on the process of thinking smarter and doing more with less time and effort. We teach you how to work with the brain’s natural propensities.


“I enjoyed the program, will look forward to use it. Thanks again.”

Victor Loo, Director YCH Global

“Sharpened my macro view in an organized way. Approach mind mapping more confidently”

Yeo Wee Kwong, Global Foundries

“Yes I enjoyed it and will come back someday”

Jasmine Gan, R&D Food Industries

Meet the Experts

Prof. Tony Buzan, UK
Prof. Tony Buzan, UKInventor of Mind Maps
Inventor of Mind Maps, Best Selling Author and Global Speaker
Dr Henry Toi, Singapore
Dr Henry Toi, SingaporeDirector, Brain Capital Group
International Speaker and Master Trainer
David Kautsoukis, AU
David Kautsoukis, AUCreator, Click Colours
International Speaker, Director of Acropolis Academy
Dr Marilee Adams, USA
Dr Marilee Adams, USAFounder, Inquiry Institute on Question Thinking
International Speaker and Consultant