Effective Brain Smart Skills for Workplace Productivity

Workshop Details

  • Two-Day Workshop, Singapore
  • Faciliated by Brain-Capital-Certified Instructor
  • Coursebook and reference notes provided


Research has shown that the “normal” human brain has a much larger ability and potential than we think. Yet the one potent resource which each of us readily possess is by no means fully tapped or developed. In the last 10 years, we have discovered more about our brain especially in the area of Memory and Thinking. The increased awareness of brain dementia has prompted people to learn how to strengthen their power to recall.

Tony Buzan, the biggest name in memory and the originator of Mind Maps®, has helped millions of people around the world reframe their thinking processes and self belief to achieve success.  His latest memory techniques gathered from world class thinkers and memorisers, will enable you to apply your recall power at the workplace. Tony is the founder of the World Memory Championships which has recently seen a record of 32 countries and 120 Mental Athletes and Arbiters participating in the 22nd World Memory Championships.

People are the only real resource in any organizations.  Hence the task of developing the employees’ mental skills would be of utmost importance to both the individual and the Company.  This workshop helps participants enhance their thinking and remembering skills, to further improve their short and long term memory and discover the brain’s amazing capabilities, learning the “natural” ways of tapping into their mental powerhouse.


Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn basic brain principles – how it works and how to apply effective brain skills to work smart, improve productivity and achieve better performance. They will also be able to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand the way the brain learns, thinks and remembers.
  • Apply recall rhythms and principles to improve recall.
  • Use memory techniques for short and medium term recall.
  • Apply the appropriate memory techniques at suitable situations.
  • Identify the actions to age-proof your brain.

Who should Attend

Executives, Managers and Professionals who want to be productive i their work, becoming more strategic in their thinking and further their personal development.

Program Outline

Global Mental Literacy

  • Discover Your Amazing Brain
  • Synergistic Effect of Combining The left and Right Brains
  • What is Radiant Thinking?

Buzan Mind Mapping

  • Buzan Laws of Mind Maps
  • Activating Our Brain’s Native Language- using Wimage
  • The 10% Key Point Rule
  • Generating Ideas Using Brain Bloom
  • Quick Thinking Using Mind Sprint
  • Presenting Using Mind Maps

The Most Important Graph In The World

  • Recall During Learning (RDL)
  • Recall After Learning (RAL)
  • Applying RDL and RAL at the workplace

Creativity at the Workplace

  • Creativity Test: Benchmarking Yourself
  • the Creative Problem Solving Process
  • Measuring Creativity
  • Building Your Creativity
  • Group Case Study

Mind Maps at Work

  • Taking Notes, Selective Key Words
  • Using Mind Maps for Decision-Making
  • Project planning using Mind Maps
  • Using Mind Map Template For Meetings
  • Presentation using Mind Maps

Learning How to Learn

  • how our Brain Learns
  • The TEFCAS Formula
  • Developing a Learning Protocol
  • Case Study: Juggling