Sharpen Your Memory

Workshop Details

  • One Day Workshop, Singapore
  • Faciliated by Brain-Capital-Certified Instructor
  • Coursebook and reference notes provided


In the last 10 years, we have discovered more about our brain and thinking than we had in the previous 300 years!

Our lives revolve around our memories and our work performance is dependent on our functional memories. Good working memories are strongly correlated to high abilities in creativity and problem solving.

This workshop brings you the latest memory techniques and understanding of how memories are made to enable you to have a better personal life and work performance.

Program Benefits

  • Apply recall rhythms and principles to improve recall
  • Use memory techniques for short and medium term recall
  • Apply Mind Maps for longer term recall
  • Identify the actions to age-proof your brain

Program Outline

  • The different types of memories.
  • Cost of a poor or declining memory
  • How memories are created
  • Loci method for memory encoding and recall
  • Story boards
  • SHINE system for better memory
  • Mind Maps as a recall tool
  • Food, Environment and Physiology Factor
  • Ways to remember numbers and passwords

Who should Attend

Business owners, Executives, Professionals and Managers who need to stay ahead in their business fields. Practitioners in the fields of customer service, hospitality, tourism, sales and marketing who require an excellent memory in the course of their work.