Speed Reading

Workshop Details

  • One-Day Workshop, Singapore
  • Faciliated by Brain-Capital-Certified Instructor
  • Coursebook and reference notes provided


A study by the University of California revealed that global information is doubling every 3 years. While the rate of information growth is increasing at break-neck speed, more than 90% of us did not improve our reading speed since we left school. The average reading speed of most adults hover around 200 words per minute. It is estimated by various organisations that the average person today need a reading speed of 400 words per minute to be functionally literate. This one-day course will improve your reading speed. More than 80% of participants in this course have increased their reading speed by between 2 to 5 times. Be one of them.

This course teaches the unique Buzan four speed technique developed by Tony Buzan, author of “The Speed Reading Book” Taught by experienced trainers specially licensed by Buzan Asia.


Program Benefits

• Know how your eyes and brain does the reading
• Learn the unique Buzan 4 speed technique
• Increase your reading speed without compromising your comprehension
• Know how to browse and skim information
• Learn how your brain remembers as you read

Who should Attend

• Private Sector executives, managers, supervisors, professionals
• Civil Service: Div 1 and 2 Officers

Program Outline

• Establishing your initial reading speed
• Understanding the factors affecting reading speed
• Reading in groups
• The fixation time
• The problem with back skipping
• The use of reading guides
• Understand the relationship between speed and comprehension
• Controlling your speed
• Knowing and applying the factors that affect your retention and recall of information after reading